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Personal information

The term personal information refers to personally identifiable information such as address, name, telephone number, e-mail address, and other statements that have been provided.

Security administrative measures

The collected personal information is managed appropriately under the supervision of a member of the Company charged with the responsibility of the Company?s management of personal information. While executing security measures that fulfill not only the basic requirement of preventing the leakage of information to outside the Company but also the requirement of preventing illegal access from outside the Company, the Company conducts suitable education for its employees who handle personal information.

Disclosure to third parties

Unless specific consent is received from the visitor beforehand, the Company does not disclose the visitor?s supplied personal information to any third parties with the exceptions of (a) when disclosing, as necessary, the said personal information to subcontractors or other business partners, for purposes within the above-mentioned scope of purpose of use of personal information and (b) other cases recognized by the Personal Information Protection Law.

Disclaimer of responsibility

1. In its updating and operating of this site, the Company pays close attention to the published information. However the Company does not guarantee that the information is free from errors, nor does it guarantee that the information will be useful or suitable for the purpose of the visitor. Moreover, the Company does not guarantee the non-occurrence of errors or the absence of computer viruses or other harmful things on the server on which this site has been published.

2. Although the Company strives to keep information published on the site updated as best as possible, it does not guarantee that the said information is always the latest information.

3. The Company may, at any time, at its own discretion, change the sites contents, and the terms of provision and use of the said content.

4. The Company provides links to third-party sites on this site. Because the said third-party sites are each operated independently, the Company has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the said sites.

5. For reasons stated in the above items, the Company is unable to bear responsibility for loss or damage related, directly or indirectly, to the use of this site.


The Company may make use of cookies to verify access data and allow visitors to more conveniently peruse this site. Please be aware that although such cookies are used to identify the visitor?s computer and browser, they do not involve the collection of any personal information, unless such information is specifically input by the visitor.


If you wish to add a link for this site to your site, we recommend a link to the top page of this site, to avoid broken links arising from changes made to the URLs of this site. However, the Company shall refuse links from the following kinds of sites.

1. Links from sites that contain content that is illegal or offensive to public order and morals, or content that could be construed as being so.

2. Links for commercial purposes or for purposes of commercial gain, or links in a format that obfuscate the contents of the Companys site.

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